Vida is a National MTB Champion!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Anyone that has witnessed this girl race, or ridden with her, is not at all surprised to learn that she took the win at MTB Nationals on Friday, July 26th, 2019, in Winter Park, CO for the 13-14 girls Category.

Vida taking the National MTB Title for 13-14 girls

"I won! I can't even believe it! My dream just came true! I'm the National Champion!" Vida exclaimed into the phone from the finish line. Not at all surprised, but elated nonetheless, I ask her how the race went down. "I just went out hard and started passing everyone and got out in front on the first climb. It was hard but perfect for me. I was racing with one girl that caught me on the downhill but I dropped her on the second lap and never saw any other girls. Soon I was catching all the boys, which was annoying as they almost didn't notice me when I won!"

As it turns out Vida crushed the competition with 2:07 ahead of second place over a field of 24 girls in the 13-14 category.

Her weekend at Nationals did not stop there as Sunday she lined up with 39 girls in the 11-16 field for the Short track race where she landed herself another podium spot, taking the Bronze in 3rd place.

"I had them in my sights the entire race", Vida proclaimed after her second big effort for the weekend.

Vida's surprise as she realizes she just won the National Title!

This young lady has a level of dedication and focus on training that is obvious to everyone around her. She is also genuinely the sweetest friendly girl that really wants to share the stoke of riding bikes and being fit with anyone that will play. Among her school friends she is known for leading core workout training sessions and is unstoppable in any fitness challenge presented to her. But when it comes to racing bikes, her fearlessness is next level.

When I first started coaching her, she had been consistently putting the entire women's field into the pain cave at the local Wednesday night dirt crits, so when it was suggested that she move up to race against the A's, and B's she eagerly lined up and quickly proved age and gender were not limiters for her. With a solid CX season landing her a 2nd place finish in Louisville, KY in January, her goal to race at MTB Nationals became her focus all year. Every race she lined up for she blew away the field, often competing against much older competition. But it's the consistency and dedication to her entire program of training that really set her apart, making it obvious to everyone that this is just the first of many huge accomplishments this little powerhouse will collect on her journey as a racer.

Knowing that this year's MTB Nationals in Winter Park would be the highest elevation race she had ever done, her awareness of every little detail of training from maximizing her nutrition and hydration, to practicing deep breathing and muscle lengthening with yoga, to intervals and spinning in tempo to assure she could recover, while eagerly showing up to every opportunity for high intensity efforts to chase (and be chased by) the fastest boys and men in town at the weekly dirt crits.

The secret is now out that this strong athlete is one to watch as she's off to an amazing start to her career! Watch out Downieville, her she comes!

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