Training as a Team

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

There is a lot of ways to track data: we are breaking it down to make training efficient, effective, and fun.

You have one app for these stats and another that tells you how you stack up. A gadget that tells you power and another recovery. We must first start by learning how to listen to our body. Simplify the statistics into measurable metrics and communicate. Training as an elite level junior development team is learning the building blocks that give a talented athlete the foundation to become a champion.

Pedaling forward is our coaching motto because ego rests here as fundamentals are laid out with intention to create a dynamic program.

We are excited to balance big picture goals with subtle details to support these local shredders to reach their potential while building healthy habits that set them up for a lifetime of success and continued love of the bike. We know they will pedal it forward.

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