Racing CA MTB Dirt Series Final

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Let's Race!

Vida Shredding
Vida winning the CA MTB title

The last race of the CA MTB Dirt Series took place on Sunday July 7th just outside of Nevada City on the Hoot Trail. While Vida had raced the entire series and was racing to take the overall Women's Cat 1 title for the season, Dustin and Roscoe were lining up for their first XC MTB race, and Ian, Zander and Travis charged in the Cat 1 15-18 field. This was the first race that all of these shredders lined up and supported each other as a team.

"It was so much fun this weekend having the team there at the race! I drove up with Ian, Vida and Zander on Saturday to pre-ride and camp. In the morning we all drove over to the race and met up with coach Abbie and two other teammates; Roscoe and Dustin. It was cool to see them race and cheer them on, as they were racing cat-2 and we were racing cat-1. 

In my race, I was going to try to work with Ian and Zander but I  crashed 2 miles in and couldn't catch back up to the lead group. Overall it was a great weekend and a lot of fun!" -- Travis Tucker

Travis took this great little video of Dustin (age 11 in green) with the holeshot with Roscoe (age 12) on his wheel as they started fast in the Cat 2 Men's 15-18 race. While their lead didn't last long, the 15 mile race was a big effort and experience for the youngest shredders on the team.

In the Women's Cat 1 field Vida (age 13) had an amazing race securing the CA State Championship title with a considerable lead on the field.

Vida taking Ca State Champ Title

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