Fast is Fun!

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Who knew a little sprinting around the park could be so fun! Wednesday Night Dirt Crits in the Park are sparking a smile. We are excited to share the stoke!

Photo curtosy of Just Pedal

It's just another Wednesday night in the Park. Kids ranging in age from 5-65 show up to get shreddy sprinting around the friendly little Dirt Crits loop. Instead of a gun going off, Crizzle steps up to each eager field of racers with a warm smile and soft voice, gives the lap details and with a teasingly tiny gesture ushers them off. Any given Wednesday the Junior category sees some 30 little shredders all smiles ripping around the singletrack. Then the C's line up. While this used to be the old guys race, the experienced juniors are now taking names and charging off the line. Next comes a field of ladies and then the A's & B's go off combined, with seasoned juniors pushing everyone to their max... for 25 minutes of fun.

And this is where we are all connecting the love of riding bikes in the dirt. It's the Stoke and Smiles of kids getting Shreddy that Dirt Devo is here to support. We are excited to bring you along this journey as we root in Sonoma County, giving these kids the tools to chase big dreams.

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