B-RAD Foundation Partnership

It's simple... more kids on bikes is better. Every opportunity for a kid to pedal is a chance to see more, dream more and hope more.

Bikes are not cheap. Even an entry level mountain bike can be cost prohibitive for parents as kids grow fast, requiring frequent upgrades. After the Tubbs fire here in Sonoma County it was truly inspiring to see the influx of bikes for kids that had lost everything. B-RAD foundation was at the heart of this work: connecting kids to new bikes through their program. Even more kids still were able to find a match through a plethora of donated well loved bikes. In order to give these kids even more opportunities to ride and be inspired by the talent on the TrailWORKS Dirt DEVO team, we will meet up with their rides from time to time to help, keep the ripple excited and share the stoke.

It is our goal with this dirt discipline focused elite level junior development team to make the connections to break the economic barriers of racing at the National and World level of cycling as a sport.
To do this we are creating scholarships to cover all the cost of racing. We believe the power of our community to support talent and potential coming out of Sonoma County will do incredible things. Through the partnership of B-RAD and the Dirt Devo Team we are excited to discover the possibilities.

B-RAD is currently the fiscal partner for the TrailWORKS Dirt DEVO team. All donations are tax deductible under the 501.3c. Donations can be made directly through this specific PayPal link set up to give 10% back to fund a kid that is less fortunate to receive a free new bike and the opportunity to ride with our junior elite racers. We feel strongly that the leaders we are creating should be empowering and inspiring through active involvement in the community. The other 90% of your donation will support the Dirt DEVO program directly. This will allow us to create the support and opportunities for our athletes to excel.

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