Abbie Durkee

- Head Coach & Team Director

Abbie works with each athlete to create personalized training plans along with leading rides, helping them implement the details.  She brings the vision to life with organizational systems to connect leaders and athletes to maximize training and racing.

Certified Yoga Teacher, Coach, and always on a mission to learn a grow to give the next generation a solid foundation to become champions and leaders. 

Pedaling forward...

Both Abbie & Brian

bring first hand experience

as former Pro Racers

to empower

young athletes

with the tools to reach their potential

on the bike

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Brian Astell

- Skills Coach & Camp Lead

Brian brings his TRAILWORKS skills training to the team to empower each athlete to continually improve technical confidence and support each other in the process.  His complimentary style and leadership will allow us to create the next level training camps and race ready cohesion as we embark on big team goals for 2020.

Learn more about TRAILWORKS here.

Together we can achieve so much more.